Secure Engineering LLC
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Planning Engineer

Job Description and Requirements
  • Prepare Project Baseline Programme
  • Establish project plans, time schedules and resource and resource allocation.
  • Coordinate with Project Managers and review project plans and available resources.
  • Implement projects, compare and evaluate the development of the project according to the project plan.
  • Assist in making change and adjustment to the project plans providing the necessary calculation for time and resource, based on project developments.
  • Assist in projects budget preparations based on the required resources, time and other related matters.
  • Study and prepare report in allocating internal resources and other operational activities.
  • Review all documents of the projects and its developments to provide comprehensive time analysis report.
  • Assist in Audit of ongoing project plans and report the efficiency of all project tasks and responsibilities being carried out.
  • Helps in preparing future expectations and developments reports of the departments for project resources in coordination with the realities and the development of business.
  • Perform studies on new project management techniques and ensures to update the department with this knowledge.
  • Select appropriate techniques and sequence of events for project.
  • Evaluate project construction site and local environment to determine appropriate logistic solutions and resources.
  • Draw up plans for work schedule for visual aids, such as bar chart and process maps.
  • Prepare logistic plans and pricing schedule for individual projects.
  • Monitor progress throughout the construction process and comparing this with the projected work schedule.
  • Provide advice and support on the development of specific systems.
  • Prepare KPIs and monthly reports.
  • Performs all other ad hoc activities as and when required.
  • Preparation of EOT claims in coordination with commercial department and Project Manager
  • Ensure compliance with Secure s Quality and Environment, Health & Safety policy and procedures.