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Job Description and Requirements

. To oversee and control daily tasks when on duty.
2. To supervise all agents and develop them in order to handle Reservations tasks properly.
3. To assist Reservations Manager to operate the department.
4. To handle all group tours/ conventions from the initial blockage to the rooming lists.
5. To record all Reservations neatly and accurately on prescribed forms.
6. To file neatly all updated correspondences chronologically, first and then alphabetically.
7. To handle the telex machine in sending outgoing Reservations telexes.
8. To handle all advance deposits received by crediting the amounts into the correct guest’s folios and issuing receipts to the senders.
9. To check incoming emails, letters, telexes and faxes than distribute to whom it may concerned within the Reservation Department.
10. To confirm Reservations for rooms according to the room's availability issued by the Reservations Manager according to the rates that are currently in effect and to arrange the billing according to hotel procedures.
11. To record all Reservations neatly and accurately on prescribed forms.
12. To update the PMS immediately and accurately if there’s any changes.
13. To send out confirmation slip promptly if requested.
14. To handle any request for amenities or transportation promptly and accurately.
15. To update guest history records, travel agency/company records and account receivable records on a regular basis.
16. To handle the Reservations correspondence accurately and neatly.
17. Promptly prepare any Reservations report.